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I remember when I was first starting on my entrepreneurial journey all those years ago one thing quickie became clear. If I were to be successful, mindset is where it all starts.

However adjusting your mindset can be a confusing and complex journey to undertake and it is easy to…

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If you’re looking to start a side hustle this year then a blog might be right for you. They require little start up cost and have low overhead.

Step 1 — Find your niche and blog name.

What are you knowledgeable or passionate about? Are you an experienced personal trainer who can help people get in shape or perhaps…

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Personal finance is rarely someone’s strong point. It’s not taught in schools and unless you’re fortunate enough to have parents teach it to you then you’re on your own. Recent studies show that collectively there is £72.1 …

Disclaimer: This post is for entertainment purposes only and does NOT constitute financial advice. This is NOT a sponsored post and we are not being paid for this.

1 in 5 Brits don’t have anything in their savings account according to a study in 2019 and 25% of Americans don’t…

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52% of Brits want to quit their jobs, according to recruitment site Monster with 1 in 3 people want to work from home with flexible hours*. However, most people put this off and avoid quitting their jobs giving reasons such as feeling unqualified.


Mansions, fast cars and private jets are some of the images conjured up when you hear Shopify Dropshipping. Just search on YouTube and you’ll find an extraordinary number of ecom gurus promoting their lifestyles and courses.

But how much of this is possible? Within the past year there has been…

Kai Salter

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